We have a lot of exciting youngsters this year; although some are just a few months old their arrival at the track is eagerly anticipated.

Trent Lee - Greys Calibrator:  This is Callie's first litter, all black pups.  Still in Abilene, will be going to finishing school in a few months.  Seen here with their fav toy

Maryville Rumble - Park Top: Seen here is Dreamy Again, aka Junior, named for her color likeness to Dreamy Blossom

Teamster - Greys Tackle: Tackle's first litter.  Seen here are carbon copies; Silken Glider, aka Tavi on the right and Glint of Gold; aka Tito, on the left

Lonesome Cry - Valoris:  Amost ready for finishing school, and will be in the racing kennel hopefully early in 2009
Dodgem By Design - Park Top: About 8 months old and growing strong!

Dodgem By Design - Greys Tackle: Tackle's 2nd litter, and another big group of pups.  About 5 months old and growing strongA herd of red/fawn babies; 7M & 5F.  Reports from the farm are that they are beautiful, strong, and leggy pups
Maryville Rumble - Greys Tarmac:  Mackie's first litter, just littles one.  This is an anxiously awaited cross. 

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