The Stakes 

Over the years, we've been lucky to race some extremely talented hounds; each a unique and special dog! Here's a list of the notable champions; including many champion "Greys" from the influential Jack & Mary Butler Greymeadow kennel.


Wonderland Juvenile – Tipp Lad (Dalton kennel)

Wonderland Inaugural winner – Tipp Lad (Dalton kennel)

Raynham American Juvenile winner – Whisper Wit (Dalton kennel)

Wonderland Derby winner – Rapido Gal (R. Samia kennel)



DL, Distance Classic - Greys Mardi Gras (Torrey Pines – Davina)



DL, All-Star Kennel Preview - Bomb Threat (Dutch Dugan-Stylish Lilla)

DL, Distance Classic - Greys Betsy Ross (Mi Designer-Representation)

DL, Matinee Idol Feature - Bomb Threat (Dutch Dugan-Stylish Lilla)

DL, Festival of States Stake -Bomb Threat (Dutch Dugan-Stylish Lilla)

DL, Sprint Classic - Greys Flamebeau (Fortress*-Greys Julianna)

DL, T.L. Weaver Memorial - Bomb Threat (Dutch Dugan-Stylish Lilla)

Tampa, Inaugural - Greys Flamebeau (Fortress*-Greys Julianna)

Tampa, Marathon - Greys Excalibur (EJ's Douglas-Greys Jasmine)

Tampa Derby - Greys Excalibur (EJ's Douglas-Greys Jasmine)


DL, Sprint Classic - Greys Outbound (Oswald Cobblepot-Greys Julianna)

NOS - Derby Lane, Greys Outbound (Oswald Cobblepot-Greys Julianna)

DL, Fans All-Star - Greys Outbound (Oswald Cobblepot-Greys Julianna)

Tampa, Inaugural - Greys Jackhammer (Greys Lucky Star-Greys Cindy Lou)

Tampa, Juvenile Stakes - Greys Free Style (Fortress*-Greys Julianna)



DL, Sprint Classic - Greys Starquest (Blazing Desire-Greys Shininstar)

DL, Distance Classic - Greys Free Style (Fortress*-Greys Julianna)

DL, Consolation Derby - Greys Free Bird (Fortress*-Greys Julianna)



DL, T.L. Weaver Memorial - Fuzzys FBI (Oswald Cobblepot-Greys Firstclass)

DL, St Petersburg Derby - Greys Marquis (Molotov-Greys Congress)



DL, Consolation Derby - Fuzzys Lear Jet (Blazing Desire-Greys Firstclass)



DL, Matinee Idol - Fuzzys Cannon (Minaki Zeke-Greys Betsy Ross)



Derby Lane Million – Greys Calibrator (Craigie Whistler - Greys Nose Dive)

DL 550 track record: 29.80 - Greys Calibrator

DL 660 track record: 36.93 – Greys Kidnapper

Tampa Inaugural – Greys Calibrator (Craigie Whistler - Greys Nose Dive)

Maiden consecutive win record – Dreamy Blossom (Maryville Rumble – Valoris)

Palm Beach Grand Classic - Dreamy Blossom  (Maryville Rumble – Valoris)

DL, Sprint Classic - Kinloch Brae (Craigie Mo Town - Greys Free Style)
DL, St Petersburg Derby - Greys Touch Gold (Fortified Power - Greys Kaydeekenya)

DL, St Petersburg Inaugural - Sovereign Lord (Trent Lee - Greys Calibrator)



1998 Bomb Threat (captain)

1998 Greys Betsy Ross

1999 Greys Outbound

2000 Greys Free Bird

2005 Fuzzys Cannon; second team
Greys Calibrator
2007 Dreamy Blossom

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